Blue Pinline Hybrid Funboard Surfboard

Blue Pinline Hybrid Funboard Surfboard

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Product Description

-Hand shaped Polyurethane Foam Blank
-Hexcel Fiberglass & Silmar Polyester Resin
-1 Layer of 6oz & 4oz cloth on Deck
-1 Layer of 6oz Cloth on Bottom
-Glossed & Polished Finish
-Future Tri Fin Set Up & Leash Plug

This hybrid funboard surfboard has a very classic blue pinline airbrush that is inspired by surfboards from the 1950s. The deck of the surfboard has two light blue edges that are outlined by thin black pinlines. There are also two black pinlines down the center of the surfboard. The bottom of the surfboard is plain white. This is a super classic airbrush design that looks great on any surfboard.

Construction: Fiberglass

Set of Futures Fins Included