Longboard Surfboard Buyers Guide

People have been riding longboards since the start of surfing and these surfboards will catch more waves than any other type of surfboard.  When learning to surf, longboards are the easiest surfboard to learn on. Longboards are very wide and thick, providing the surfer with a lot stability and flotation.  Longboards often have very wide and round noses, as well as thick rails. Although these are great surfboards for learning, longboard surfboards are heavy and can also be hard to ride for smaller people or in big surf.  

There are two types of longboard surfboards.  We make high performance longboards and classic longboards.  Classic longboards are also called noserider surfboards.  They have a full round nose and squash or square tail.  The bottom of the board also has bevelled rails for smooth rail to rail transitions as well as a single concave nose channel that helps for noseriding or hanging ten.  There is also a nice double concave channel through the tail of this surfboard that helps develop speed.  The noserider is a classic longboard that has been surfed for years and years.  We have taken the main concepts from classic longboards, and slightly modified the shape to make a really amazing surfboard.  This is a great surfboard for point break waves or reef breaks.

High performance longboards have a pulled in or pointed nose. They are not as wide or thick as classic longboards and they have a rounded pin tail.  If you are looking for a longboard that turns well and has a lot of speed, than this is the surfboard for you. High performance longboards will work well in all types of surf, including big & hollow waves.  All of our longboards come with a 2 + 1 fin system.  They have a large center fin box as well as two small side fins.  This allows you to ride the surfboard as a tri fin or a single fin.

Whether you are looking for a high performance longboard for surf competitions or a classic longboard to learn on, we hope this surfboard buyers guide has helped.