Surfboard Shipping


Solana Surfboards offers some of the most affordable surfboard shipping rates online. We ship our surfboards to every state in the USA and can ship any size board!  Our surfboards are packed and shipped with the same care that went into making them to make sure they arrive in excellent condition! Every surfboard is also insured to its full value against loss, theft, and damage during shipping. 

We offer FREE PICK UP at our office in San Diego, CA.

Depending on board size and shipping location we offer ground service as well as air! We use top of the line shippers such as FEDEX, UPS, GREYHOUND EXPRESS, & PILOT AIR. 

Surfboard Shipping Rates
Board Size Standard Priority
under 8'0 $95 $125

above 8'

N/A $125-$150


If you are interested in shipping multiple boards or economy shipping options, please email us for details.


Surfboard Shipping Details
Standard Priority
3-10 Days 1-5 Days
Home Delivery Home Delivery

 Fed Ex          Pilot Air Frieght




Guarantee:  If you are not happy with your surfboard when it arrives, you can return it to us within 7 days of receiving your order as long as there is no damage and it has not been waxed or used.  The board must be shipped back to us in the original packing materials & box.  Once the board is received we will issue a full refund on the cost of the surfboard as well as the original shipping cost.  The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, however we will provide a return shipping label and assist in a hassle free return or exchange.

Shipping Damage

Surfboards are extremely fragile since they are made from fiberglass and meant to be used in the water only.  We package our boards with extreme care in a combination of bubble wrap, cardboard and foam padding.  The boards are then shipped in industrial strength boxes built specifically to ship surfboards and withstand common abuse that may occur by the shipper.  The chance of receiving a damaged board is very low, however from time to time customers boards may be mishandled or damaged by the shipping company.  Most of the time the damage is very minor and only cosmetic, resulting in an inexpensive or "diy" repair.  If there is extreme visible damage to the box, please open the package while the driver is still present.  If you are not satisfied with the condition of the board and notice extensive damage, you can refuse the shipment.  Please point out the damage to the driver so he can make a notation and return the board back to us for repair, evaluation or replacement.  In the case of minor or easily repairable damage, we will assist in filing a claim so that the board can be restored/repaired to brand new condition or we will mail you a free repair kit for a "diy" home repair.  If you think there has been damage to your board during shipping, please email us multiple photos of the damage, as well as pictures of the packaging materials and box.  This information will help us in expediting the time and success of your claim.  It is also important to hold onto the original packing materials and box incase the board needs to be picked up by the shipper for inspection.  We will make sure you are totally satisfied with the outcome and the condition of your board!  If customers are not satisfied with repairing the board or do not have means to a repair shop, customers can also choose to return the board to us at their expense in the original packing material and box.  Please see details above.....

Cosmetic Blemishes:

Our surfboards are mostly made by hand and although we take the finest care in our production and quality, customers may still notice small sanding scratches or tool marks visible on the foam, as well as the weave of the fiberglass cloth.  These are characteristics of most any surfboard and they are not a structural blemish that will affect the performance or durability of the board.  If you are concerned there is a blemish that needs attention, please email us for further evaluation, however cosmetic blemishes are not grounds for credit or repair claims.