Fish Surfboard Buyers Guide

Fish surfboards are one of the most versatile surfboards made. There are a few types of fish surfboards that we will discuss in this surfboard buyers guide.  The most popular type of fish is the Retro Fish or Twin Fin Fish. This surfboard is shaped with a wide nose and tail, maintaining a lot of width and thickness throughout the whole surfboard.  Because it has a wide outline the retro fish surfboard has a lot of foam volume and floatation.  The best thing about this surfboard is that it paddles and catches waves like a longboard, but it surfs like a shortboard. The retro fish also only has two fins, making it very loose when doing turns.  This is also why it is referred to as a Twin Fin surfboard.  The retro fish or twin fin is a great surfboard for small to medium size surf.  

Another type of fish surfboard is the Quad Fin Fish.  This fish has a slightly more narrow nose and tail than the retro fish surfboard, making it more of a high performance shape.  The quad fin fish has four fins which gives this surfboard a little more hold and stability for bigger surf.  The quad fin setup also makes the quad a faster surfboard than the retro fish.  It is still loose when making turns, but not as loose as a twin fin fish surfboard.  The quad fin fish is a perfect mix between a retro fish surfboard and a high performance shortboard.

The third type of fish surfboard is the hybrid fish.  These surfboards maintain the width and thickness of a fish, as well as the fish tail, but instead of 2 or 4 fins they have the traditional tri fin setup.  There are shortboards that fall into the hybrid fish category as well as funboards and longboards.

When it comes to fish surfboards there are so many choices that deciding what type of fish to buy can be confusing.  Hopefully our fish surfboard buyers guide gave you some good information about this type of surfboard.  If you ever have any questions, just give us a call and we can help you pick out the fish that suits your surfing ability.