Funboard Surfboard Buyers Guide

Funboard surfboards are the most popular surfboards that we sell.  There are a few types of funboard surfboards that we will discuss in this surfboard buyers guide.  All of our funboards have thick rails and a wide profile offering a lot of stability as well as floatation.  Because of the extra foam volume and floatation, funboard surfboards are great for beginners.  

Our egg funboard surfboard has a nice rounded full nose and a squash or square tail.  This type of funboard surfboard is called an egg surfboard because of the egg shaped round nose and shorter size.  These funboard surfboards are a great mix between a shortboard and a longboard. They have the floatation and stability of a longboard, but the performance and fin system of a shortboard.  All of our funboards are a tri fin or thruster fin set up, meaning they have three fins that are all the same size. 

Another type of funboard surfboard is a hybrid funboard.  Our hybrid funboard is a bit more of a performance shape than the egg funboard.  The nose of the hybrid funboard is also more pulled in or pointed than the egg surfboard.  The tail of the hybrid funboard is more like a tail on a shortboard surfboard with a hard rail and round tail.  This type of funboard surfboard is really good for beginner surfers as well as advanced surfers.