Fiberglass Surfboard Buyers Guide

Fiberglass or Polyurethane Surfboards are shaped out of a polyurethane foam blank and glassed with polyester resin.  This combination of polyurethane foam and fiberglass cloth has been around for over 50 years and it proves to still be the most popular type of surfboard.  Fiberglass boards are fragile but because of the polyurethane foam & polyester resin they have a very natural flex pattern.  These surfboards feel very smooth and natural in the water, giving the most performance out of any other board.  They are great for every type of surfer, but you must take good care of these boards because they are fragile and can ding if you drop them.

Our fiberglass surfboards are shaped out of the best american surfboard materials available.  We use Hexcel fiberglass cloth and Silmar resin.  This combination of high quality fiberglass and resin makes for a really strong surfboard with amazing resin clarity and gloss.  Depending on the size of your surfboard we use different amounts of fiberglass cloth and resin.  The top of your surfboard or deck will have more fiberglass than the bottom of your surfboard.  This will compensate for the added weight and pressure from your body and help the board last a real long time. The bottom of your surfboard does not require as much fiberglass because there is not any direct pressure or weight applied to that part of the board.  Once your surfboard is glassed, we do either a sanded finish or a glossed and polished glass job.  The sanded finish is most common on shortboards and it has a matted or dull appearance.  The glossed and polished glass job adds a little extra shine to your surfboard and makes the airbrush colors stand out really nicely.  We offer glossed and polished glass jobs on most of our surfboards for sale.

We hope this surfboard buyers guide has helped you learn more about fiberglass or polyurethane surfboards. If you ever have any questions about what surfboard is best for your surfing ability, please give us a call so we can help you choose your new surfboard !!!