Surfboard Fin Brands

There are a lot of surfboard fin brands on the market, however the two brands that lead the fin industry are Futures and FCS.  These two surfboard fin brands work closely with top professional riders and surfboard shapers to develop various styles of aftermarket fins.  Each surfboard fin brand uses their own unique fin box technology for a system that is efficient and versatile.  Whether your surfboard is made with futures surfboard fin system or FCS, you are sure to have strong, versatile and dependable surfboard fins.

The Breakdown

          Futures Surfboard FinsSolana Surfboards is proud to use futures fin boxes and surfboard fins on all of our boards.  Futures is hands down the strongest surfboard fin system on the market ! They make a lot of great aftermarket surfboard fin designs for you to experiment with on any board that has futures fin boxes !  These fins are easy for anyone to install and replacements are available at most major surf shops or online.  They develop some of the best surfboard fins and work with pro riders such as Rob Mochado. 


FCS Surfboard Fins

Solana Surfboards uses FCS surfboard fins on a custom order basis upon request.  FCS surfboard fins revolutionized the surfboard industry when they invented the removable surfboard fin system.  They are the largest international surfboard fin company and they are available in most any surf shop across the world.  They have a few different types of fins plugs available as well as the largest Pro Model fin development program.  Look for demos available at your local surf shop !