Blue Plow Egg Surfboard

Blue Plow Egg SurfboardBlue Plow Egg SurfboardBlue Plow Egg Surfboard
Blue Plow Egg Surfboard

Blue Plow Egg Surfboard

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Product Description

-Includes 8" Fiberglass Fin and T1 Twin Fins and Bonzer Fins
-Construction: Fiberglass
-Precise CAD/CNC Machined Cut Outline
-Hand Shaped Finish, Glassing & Art
-Polyurethane Core
-Hexcel Fiberglass & Silmar Polyester Resin
-1 Layer of 4oz & 1 Layer of 6oz glass on top
-1 Layer of 6oz glass on bottom
-Turquoise Blue Custom Resin Work
-Glossed & Polished Finish
-Futures Fin Company Fin Boxes
-Leash Plug

Performance: The Plow Egg surfboard is a well rounded surfboard for all skill sets. The round nose and diamond tail make this board very easy to stand up, and also gives your a lot of volume making it easy to catch waves. The Quad plus 1 fin design makes this board very diverse as well with many fin options. This board also has a flat bottom, making it easy to get through mushy sections and a slight looser feel.
Custom Color: We are super excited about how beautiful our latest batch of blue abstract surfboards! We use various color pigments are added to liquid resin, mixed, and then hand painted directly onto the fiberglass and foam. Every blue retro single fin surfboard has a unique swirl pattern and no two are exactly the same!