Blue Quad Fin Retro Fish Surfboard

Blue Quad Fin Retro Fish SurfboardBlue Quad Fin Retro Fish Surfboard

Blue Quad Fin Retro Fish Surfboard

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Construction: Fiberglass
-Precise CAD/CNC Designed Template
-Hand Craftsmanship on all Shaping Details, Art Work & Glassing
-Polyurethane Core
-Hexcel Fiberglass & Silmar Polyester Resin
-1 Layer of 4oz & 1 Layer of 6oz glass on top
-1 Layer of 6oz glass on bottom
-Glossed & Polished Finish
-Futures Fin Company Fin Boxes
-Leash Plug
-Futures Q1 Quad Fin Set Included


The Retro fish is a must have for any San Diego surfer of any skill set. They have high volume to get you into waves early. The drawn up center line adds volume to your chest making it easy to paddle. The wide tail grabs a lot of energy from the wave making it easy to catch waves with. Also, with its long straight rail, it makes driving speed very easy on a wave. The Quad Retro Fish is set up with a Single to Double Channel. The single drives speed while the double channels it out to the fins at the tail of the board. This allows for a little easier turns with having 4 fins in the water. 

Color: Each of these boards is a unique piece of art! Various color pigments are added to liquid resin, mixed, and then hand painted directly onto the fiberglass and foam. This isn't your standard airbrushed look. Every Blue retro fish surfboard has a custom one of a kind look.